Danbury, Essex

Mediterranean Inspired Garden

Client's brief

The main focus of this design was to create a sociable yet easy to care for garden to encourage a Mediterranean lifestyle.  Providing summer shade was a key priority due to the garden's south facing aspect. A large lawn area for a family pet was also a key requirement.  

A modern palette of Mediterranean inspired materials was requested, however the choices had to harmonise with both the interior styling and the existing retractable awnings.
"From the outset it was clear that there would have to be a large amount of hard landscaping due to the many openings from the interior spaces.  The main design challenge was how to integrate and connect all of these points without overwhelming the garden with mass paving. The solution was to define the main gathering spaces and link them in an interesting way using the textures and colours most often associated with hotter climates.   

To provide shade for the dining area, a pergola with a retractable canopy was sourced from a specialist supplier, Its orange fabric matching the colour scheme of the existing awnings.  The low, free-standing wall at seating height doubles the capacity of the space. It also creates a low level division making it feel more 'protected'. In the evening subtle up-lighting glazes the wall enhancing the dining atmosphere. 

The planting scheme accommodates environments ranging from damp shade to dry sun. Curating a palette of plants that work in visual harmony across this range was demanding but incredibly satisfying."    

Client's Review

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