Colchester, Essex

Small Town Garden - it's child's play!

Client's brief

This young family needed a space that provided for the (often conflicting) requirements of adults and children and whilst they wanted to encourage their youngster to venture out, they didn't want a garden filled with lumps of bright plastic or an enormous trampoline! 

As the property was L-shaped the design also needed to provide inviting views from two sides rather than the usual view down the garden. In addition, the clients needed a solution to deal with a lack of privacy from neighbouring first floor windows without blocking their own light.

The style should reflect the interior decoration of the home and be able to accommodate the existing garden furniture. 
"I am often commissioned by clients who are experiencing problems with small gardens attached to good-sized family homes, making a lack of privacy and space for children to play a real issue.  

The design solution for this garden is driven by the requirement to provide play interest for a youngster yet still maintain an adult friendly environment.  The new layout comprises two seating areas linked by a circular route, great for letting off steam!  One part of the route is fractured using stepping stones through the planting, where beasts might lurk!   

Bringing planting into the middle of the garden affords the second seating area a degree of privacy from within the garden. A carefully positioned small tree filters the view from the neighbouring property and also invites feeding birds. To create a 'den space' I have simply re-positioned the existing arbour seat creating space behind for a homemade tent-structure.

A water feature, in the form of a large drilled stone provides hours of safe play interest whilst the gentle sound can calm and relax.

The planting is predominately perennial flowering plants and grasses which can always forgive a boisterous forage.

Client's Review

" Having our garden designed and planted was a very positive experience for us. Faced with a small bare patch of ground totally without interest Karen showed immediate empathy to what we were looking for - somewhere to sit out at any part of the day and have some experience of gardening which we love but also importantly that would offer play space and interest for our 6 year old son. Since the garden has been completed not only do we have exactly what we are looking for and have spent lots of time in the garden it has also changed our perception of the house and its surroundings. We are no longer conscious of our proximity to our neighbours and the garden can be enjoyed from any room in the house becoming a real part of our living space"
Garden Design Plan Service

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