Sudbury, Suffolk

Courtyard Garden - informal curves.

Client's brief

For this client the main issue was a sheet of bland paving which covered the whole space.  There was no ambience and certainly no room for plants. 

As a keen Potter, the client wanted a garden full of colour, textures and flowing lines.  
"This garden is quite an awkward shape being very shallow but running the full length of the house. To make the space feel deeper I created a central section which consists of planting wrapping around sinuous paths, whilst the two corners are allocated as seating areas.  In one corner there is a generous patio for dining, and in the other a bespoke arbour for reading or just watching  bees on the catmint.

Working with naturalistic flowing shapes can be a challenge as it is easy to end up with weak lines.  For a curvaceous garden I needed to be bold!  

To satisfy the clients request for colour the planting scheme is a special selection of bright and long-season flowering plants. The stone I specified for use throughout the garden has naturally occurring colour variations, and the boundary fencing and arbour are painted in a soft sage-green.

And finally to texture. It's not only plant foliage that is providing this as I've also selected three different paving finishes - the coarseness of the beautiful granite setts; the cool smoothness of the marble for the patio and finally the fine texture of resin-bound gravel."

Client's Review

“Our courtyard garden is now an absolute delight. It’s the first time we’ve had a garden that we go out into as soon as we get home. We wander around and watch everything changing and growing. It’s a real, real pleasure and we are both over the moon about it.”
Garden Design Plans

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