Town Garden Design
Client’s brief
“We have a town garden and have issues with the long and narrow shape of the plot, with a particular problem with the lawn underneath our large Magnolia that struggles to survive. What can we do to improve our town garden design?”

Town garden design tip
Small urban gardens can often have problems with shaded areas that don’t gain enough sun to keep lawns fresh and vibrant. These shaded areas can be addressed by either using clever planting ideal for shady conditions, or by incorporating hard landscaping. This town garden design now has the best of both, with a new seating area below the tree, which also includes a decorative circular patio which is surrounded by shade loving plants.
The circular design of the landscaping also helps to divide this long and narrow garden into rooms and helps to draw the eye away from the narrow boundary fences, adding another dimension to what was a narrow angular shape.

Client’s review
“Such a simple solution but we couldn’t see it – even though we used to drag the table and chairs up under the tree in the summer! We love the cobbled paving which works well with the existing path.”
Mr & Mrs C.