Large Country Garden (Phase 1)
Client’s  brief
“Help! We have a large country garden but our house feels detached from the outside space. We feel very exposed – it’s like living on a football pitch – all space and no interest! Can you come up with a country garden design that unites the two areas?”

Large country garden design tip
Large spaces are always best divided into rooms, whether its for a traditional country style garden or something more contemporary. Rooms help to create pockets of interest, rather than large expanses of open space that can be difficult to fill. For this large country garden the owners wanted the house and garden to come together, so here painted trellis has been used that matches the exterior paint colour on the house – uniting the house and garden, while also helping to divide the large plot into smaller spaces.

Client’s  review
“We are absolutely delighted with your design – phase 1 is coming together brilliantly and is really lovely in terms of dimensions and the layout….thanks again for a marvellous design.”
Mr & Mrs B.