Garden Design Advice
If you’re keen to improve your garden but a full design service is a little too involved for your project, because all you need is some expert garden design advice, we’ll be happy to arrange a single consultation visit.
Sometimes all you need is a burst of inspiration and a few really good ideas to get you started. That’s where we can help with some professional advice – we’ll show you how the layout and planting of your garden could be improved, revitalised and refreshed. We’ll even take a look at your own sketches and point you in the right direction!
So, if you are frustrated by your own attempts at garden design, are fed up with trawling the internet for inspiration, or have just lost the plot, why not book an appointment and let us help you unlock your garden’s true potential.

A typical consultation visit includes:
  • An in-depth evaluation of your garden’s design potential with lots of ideas and advice – it’s best to have your notebook at the ready!
  • A list of our favourite low maintenance plants for your garden.
Consultation Fee from £150.00 (no VAT costs)

“Thank you for your visit I found it most enjoyable and incredibly helpful. I couldn’t wait to get started… I’m really fired up, your enthusiasm has inspired me.” Mrs B. (Sudbury)