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Large country garden (Phase 2) by Karen Chamberlain

Large country garden (Phase 2)

Messing, Essex

Clients’ brief

“Help! We have a fairly large country house which feels detached from the garden and it makes us feel very exposed, it’s like living on a football pitch, all space and no interest!”

Clients’ review

“‘…we have a stunning layout which has subsequently won the top award at the Professional Landscaping competition in London. [ Karen’s] ability and vision to see beyond our flat uninteresting piece of garden has been fantastic. We would have no hesitation in recommending Karen to anyone with a garden challenge, whether small or large. She has a wealth of information and a wealth of experience to share…”

Mr & Mrs B.  (Messing)

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To talk to Karen about your garden, garden design services she offers and courses she runs call 01206 369333  or email


Large country garden (Phase 2) by Karen Chamberlain



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