Student reviews

A few student reviews from those completing ‘Garden Design – An Introduction’, in September 2015

I can now analyse a garden with a design eye to recognise what works and what doesn’t!”

I now understand the importance of a strong design brief and not getting caught up in the detail.”

I’ve learned loads and now have got lots of ideas that I want to try out in my own garden.”

I have a huge number of ideas for my own garden and now know where to start!”

I now have the confidence to change my garden from a football pitch to one I can enjoy.”

I’ve gained a new way of looking at my garden now that I understand the basic design principles. I’ll be more radical than I would have before.”

A great insight into how to view a project and make steps towards a good design. It’s made me consider in depth what I want from my garden and how to achieve it.”

This student attended the Level 1 course in 2014 and has gone on to enrol in Level 4 at Writtle College )

Karen Chamberlain’s course is well worth doing if you are at all interested in garden design , whether for your own garden, or like me, you are considering a future career in this area. I had a small amount of knowledge prior to starting, but I have learned so much, important, fundamental rules and skills which I will always be able to apply in the future. Karen is a fantastic teacher, she instils confidence and I feel everyone has had a lot of individual attention from her to achieve the work they wanted to. As a practising designer, she is able to give invaluable advice about what it is like to work for a client and varying levels of service that can be offered. I  would thoroughly recommend this course.”

Student reviews for Level 1 course, 2014

Step-by-step tuition for those wishing to learn the craft of garden design. I was a complete novice and after completing the course I feel confident in designing a garden. Expert advice on using the tools of the trade and tips and hints for achieving a polished result. Great course content taught by Karen in simple plain English. Just what I needed – thank you.”

I’ve enjoyed the course and learned an enormous amount in such a short space of time. My original idea was to learn how to update my own garden. I feel  the course allowed me to achieve my aim and so much more. It has opened up an ongoing interest in gardens and their design. It’s something I want to continue in my spare time. Thank you for all your inspiration and advice.”

Karen is an inspirational teacher. I started this course with no design knowledge and it had been a number of years since I had been in a learning environment. I can confidently say that Karen’s enthusiasm and teaching style has taught me skills I didn’t think were possible for me to learn. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course content and I look forward to putting the skills I have learnt into practise in my own garden.”

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, I wasn’t sure as first whether to enrol but I am so glad that I did.  Karen is a very professional and experienced garden designer who is very welcoming and clearly communicates what we hope to achieve each week. We have learned such a lot such as drawing techniques and the process of designing. Karen is very supportive and gives constructive feedback and ideas to improve. I know as a group we have all enjoyed the experience and got on really well together. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone interested in garden designing. I wish the course wasn’t coming to an end as I know I am really going to miss it.”

I have attended all the courses you have run and found them to be informative, interesting and of great use in my life and work. The course was set at a good level to push you along, but also time to reflect and work at your own pace. The lectures maintained your interest all the way to the end. It was a well thought out and very enjoyable. The class was a lovely mix of people which was also great.”

Over the past 24 weeks you have taught me a tremendous amount. With your support and shared knowledge I have been able to create some fantastic plans for my own and potential client’s gardens. I now feel I have the confidence to continue with producing garden designs both for myself and others. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in garden design.”

The course has greatly increased my confidence and provided me with real inspiration. I always knew what I liked. Now I have the framework and processes to produce not just aesthetics, but practical results, for me and hopefully other people too! You have been a great source of knowledge and encouragement. You create a relaxed environment in which to learn – and you make it fun!”

Further student reviews

Thank you so much for delivering two delightful five-week courses (Introduction to Garden Design and Introduction to Planting Design). I have thoroughly enjoyed them and feel I gained a lot of knowledge. Just wish I had been on them sooner! If anyone I know needs support in their garden I will certainly tell them to come straight to you!”

I  have a much clearer idea on how to achieve a contemporary garden. Thank you.”

I hadn’t realised that colour schemes existed in gardening or that my heavyish acid soil will effect my choices!”

What a revelation it was to realise that I should consider what I wanted a plant to ‘do’ before choosing it for my garden!”

… such in-depth teaching, a great investment as in the long run  I’ll easily save by not making so many mistakes, plus I’ll have a beautiful garden.”

I learnt a lot but it wasn’t hard work because of the  informal way that you teach and being interactive with the rest of the small group.”

I enjoyed the way you talked us through it and explained as we went, you were clear and concise and I felt I could ask questions at any time if I felt unsure. You are excellent at explaining things in a terminology that is easily understood.”

It was a light-bulb moment when I realised I had found my style and that what I actually like is contemporary – not cottage.”

A lovely environment (private course in Dedham),  much nicer than a normal classroom – very relaxed and a great place to work.”

I can honestly say it’s one of the most enjoyable courses that I have ever done. It’s really spurred me on, and given me lots of food for thought.”

Karen is an articulate, humorous, friendly tutor and was able to give information in an interesting manner.”

An excellent course. Karen uses lots of different learning methods and keeps her presentations lively and interesting.”

A thoroughly enjoyable experience. Now looking forward to ‘Right Plant, Right Place’ in the Spring.”

Excellent introduction, using a range of teaching styles to engage the learners.”

I enjoyed the hands-on approach… it made me think in a fun and constructive way.”

It made me look at my lawn in a different way!”

The course far surpassed my expectations, the teaching has always been enjoyable and informative, delivered with enthusiasm and inspiration.”

Very good teaching using a step-by-step approach and gradually building up.”

The practical exercises really make you think and apply rules (and remember them!)”